Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken.

Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken very diverse and own mind taste that unique. Few types of Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken recipes are also sufficient simple to process and dont take lengthy. Though not everyone likes Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken food, now few people are got attached and like the sundry Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken foods available. This could be visible from the number of restaurants that provide Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken as one of the dishes. You can have Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken using 4 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken

  1. Prepare of Bone-in Chicken Thighs, we took the skin off.
  2. Prepare of Ground Black Pepper.
  3. You need of your favorite BBQ Sauce.
  4. It's of Cooking Spray or Slow Cooker Liner.

Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken step by step

  1. Spray the slow cooker with cooking spray. Or use a slow cooker liner..
  2. Add the pepper to the chicken, on both sides. Pat it into the chicken..
  3. Place the chicken into the slow cooker. It is best to make one layer of the chicken. It will cook fully and every piece of the chicken will be evenly coated with the BBQ Sauce..
  4. Pour the BBQ sauce over the chicken. Try to spread it out evenly..
  5. Cook on High for 4 Hours or Low for 8 Hours. I recommend the 8 hours, but that is my preference..
  6. Enjoy!.

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