Summer Cooler. Watch our Most Popular Summer Cooler Recipes in Rajshri Food by Chef Ruchi & Chef VarunIt's summer season and so it's time for you to sit back. The Summer Cooler is a decoration furniture block that can be crafted in the Carpentry Bench after acquiring its blueprint. The Summer Cooler looks like a water/beverage cooler although it does not have any function.

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Ingredients of Summer Cooler

  1. It's of Cocktail.
  2. You need of vodka.
  3. It's of orange juice.
  4. Prepare of cranberry juice.

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Summer Cooler step by step

  1. Fill glass with ice and add vodka. Fill rest of glass equally with juices and mix. Adjust to your preference for vodka as well as juices if needed. Enjoy!.

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