Winter Soup. Only soup will do in the dead of winter. Warm up with these veggie soups, meat stews, and creamy bowls. Panera ain't got nothing on you.

Winter Soup We love making soups in the winter almost as much as we love baking bread. And when we have That's why we've rounded up our favorite hearty winter soup recipes. The winter chill won't stand a chance against these delicious soups. Winter Soup very diverse and have mind flavor that unique. Several types of Winter Soup recipes are also enough easy to process and do not take long. Although not everyone likes Winter Soup food, now several people are getting attached and like the sundry Winter Soup foods on hand. This can be seen of the number of restaurants that provide Winter Soup as one of the dish. You can have Winter Soup using 11 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Winter Soup

  1. Prepare 1 pcs of bamboo shoot, thinly strips.
  2. You need 20 pcs of dried banana flower,soaked remove steam.
  3. It's 5 of soaked Black fungus, thinly sliced.
  4. You need 5 of dried mushroom soaked, thinly sliced.
  5. It's 1 cube of firm tofu, slice into strips.
  6. It's Dash of black pepper.
  7. Prepare 2 of eggs.
  8. It's Half of tsp sesame oil.
  9. You need Half of tsp fish sauce.
  10. It's Half of tsp Flour diluted in water.
  11. It's of Red sweet vinegar or balsamic vinegar and sugar.

These tasty soups will help you stay warm and cozy during the long winter months. Our winter soup recipes will warm the cockles during cold weather; we have a range of winter soups & broths for you to choose from at Winter is the season of soup. So, draw the curtains, light the fire and ready the stove for some of our favourite winter vegetable soup recipes.

Winter Soup instructions

  1. Boil 2 cups of water in a pot add in bamboo shoot boil for 5 mins then remove. Wash and squeezed, so that it is not bitter. Wash and set aside..
  2. Boil again 5 cups of water then drop all the ings except the tofu and egg. Cook it for 30 to 40 mins. When done add tofu and drop the egg slowly. Season it and serve.

Looking for winter soup and stew recipes? Our favorite one-bowl meals for hearty, soul-warming comfort. Winter isn't all bad, especially when there's homemade soup to warm up those cold nights. The following soup recipes come together entirely in the slow cooker, so you can set it, forget it. These easy winter soups are here to help you get your hygge on.

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